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Man, how time flies when you are having fun. For those of you that don’t know me, I made a really tough decision 50+ years ago and have to be honest there have been a few days that I may have questioned my decision.

But it is damned hard to be a pessimist when it takes you 10 years to grow your first tree. Looking into the future is a good form of therapy and growing trees is just flat out fun. Knowing that what I do makes all our lives happier and healthier helps me sleep at night.  That and good old-ashioned physical labor cleans the soul even if it does bring on some aches and pains. As I drive through the towns and cities in the middle of the US, I see job sites where my trees were planted. I can look back at jobs done in the 70s and 80s. My trees have grown to be all most as old as I am and are still out there beautifying our world. A bit like being a voyeur I suppose. But a pleasant feeling none the less.

I was out in Colorado a bit ago and after commenting on the return of smog a customer told me, “The smog starts where my trees ended.” Okay, so I snuck in the part about being “my” trees, but the point is sure there. Trees really do take the “smog” out of our air. And given a chance out of our lives. Just come visit us and you will be rejuvenated. 

I kind of view my trees like my children; I give them a good healthy start and then send them out into the world. To grow and prosper. To provide shade and comfort, calmness, and serenity. Through lives much longer than us, humans connecting us from one generation to the following, to the one thereafter.

Thanks for being one of our customers; you truly prove that what we do is worth our effort.


Certified Weed-Free Hay

Round Bales $160/ton
Square Bales: $7/bale

We can deliver
any size load!

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Kip Hoffman

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