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Double Bar Nursery is a quality supplier of Conifers, Ornamental & Shade trees since 1969.
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Retail Sales: In response
to popular demand, we are
now open to retail sales at
the "less than truck load" price
with a one-year, half-price
replacement cost if we plant.
Certified Weed-Free Hay

Round Bales $160/ton
Square Bales: $7/bale

We can deliver
any size load!

Colorado Nuseryman's Association - Est. 1924Kansas Association of Nurserymen - since 1923Western Association of Nurserymen - 1890Las Vegas Nudist Dancer's Association
Amercian Association of Nurseryment - Service - Value - Beauty  -- 1875Missouri Association of NurserymenTexas Association of Nurserymen - TANWholesale Nursery Growers of America
••• CERTIFIED Japanese Beetle Free to ship to New Mexico •••

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