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About Double Bar Pine Nursery in Alta Vista, KSDouble Bar Pine Nursery and Tree Farm Inc. was started in 1961 when we planted 50,000 scotch and Austrian pine seedlings. In the beginning we were primarily in the Christmas Tree business. In 1969 we dug our first wholesale balled and burlaped pine tree. In 1979 we dug our first deciduous trees. The nursery was incorporated in 1980. We grow around 100 acres of mostly deciduous trees along with pines, fruit trees, and junipers. The growing part is the heart and soul of Double Bar. But being well into my 50s and with the ever increasing demand for ever scarcer plant material, Double Bar is fast becoming a sourcing partner for old customers and new. I have made a wealth of grower friends over the years that grow some pretty darned good plants. If you need quality plants from known quality growers, send us your want list. Be happy to help you out.


Double-Bar Pine Nursery
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