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At long last there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a freight train. The US economy is waking up from a long really bad nightmare called the "Great Recession"; and not a minute too soon. So many good nurserymen lost. Even the strongest were on their last leg. We've also lost one complete rotation of trees which will result in a prolonged shortage throughout the market. It has been estimated that the scarcity of nursery stock will stay with us for 5-6 more years. As the recession got worse the plantings got "worser". And yes, Mrs. Minnarcinni my high school English teacher would be all over me for that one.

It is our advice to inform your L.A. to be prepared to substitute and don't pussy foot around when it comes to ordering. Already we are seeing those who "stutter step" get a sore toe. In all honesty is there really that much difference between a Red Sunset and an October Glory.

Mike Pharr of Royal Oak Nursery Sales is now my sales rep. Something we both should have done years ago.

And yes, those are some of my "grand"children. I am older than I think. And Sharon is still with me. By choice, I might add.

There were times I wasn't as positive, but Double Bar survived this damned recession. And I am very much aware that were it not for our great and loyal customers I would be selling real estate or being a guest at some nursing home. Thanks ever so much for helping me continue do what I love so much. May Mike and I always do our best to earn and keep your loyalty.


Certified Weed-Free Hay

Round Bales $160/ton
Square Bales: $7/bale

We can deliver
any size load!

Kip Hoffman
Kip Hoffman

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