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INCREDIBLE, that's life for me. Yah, there have been days that weren't all caps, but I can't remember back that far. And I'm not going to try either.

for Double Bar, the "good ole days" have been bettered and bested. The rains have all been gentle, our customers are great, and the growers we work with are fantastic. The last 8 "recession" years are an unpleasant but mostly forgotten memory filed in a memory drawer called "hard times." I told my banker I would get through it, "Hell no, I don't know how: only I know I will." Well, at least he believes me now.

Double Bar has greatly increased its planting "palette." You got to love that word "palette." But am I ever learning that growing pines was easy, growing deciduous trees is lots of hard work. That pruning stuff really interferes with my fishing time. Not great for exploring the US of A either. But, as mom used to say, "It will make a better man of you." And, yes, it's possible that I could make some improvements, around the edges only, of course.

I'd like to take all of the credit, but even I can recognize when it gets that deep. So I am just going to be honest and give Mike 60% of it. He probably deserves more, but we have got to be careful with his ego. He is the consummate sales man, you know.

I do once more want to thank every customer and every vendor that Mike and I work with for helping both of use do what we really enjoy doing for a living. The only way I can think that life can get any better is to have another season of being a wholesale grower in the nursery industry of this great country.


Certified Weed-Free Hay

Round Bales $160/ton
Square Bales: $7/bale

We can deliver
any size load!

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Kip Hoffman

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